Weekend plans (& Friday Links)

Initially we had plans to Ojai this weekend, but decided to stay put. Instead, I’m looking forward to AYSO soccer, local wine tasting, and I’m plotting ways to still use some of the planned babysitting time on Sunday and Monday.

I’d also really like to finish up a Hawaiian travelogue for next week and start prepping for a winter garden. This is Skyler under the tomato trellis that we started this spring and it’s been incredible to see it take shape over the summer. I’m excited to see what we can grow next!

What do you have planned? 

“Hofeller’s files include dozens of intensely detailed studies of North Carolina college students, broken down by race and cross-referenced against the state driver’s-license files to determine whether these students likely possessed the proper I.D. to vote.” Just one example of the research done when redrawing districts to advantage of the GOP—and to disadvantage minority groups. The secret files of gerrymandering. Must-read reporting from The New Yorker. 

Keep what you love. I’m always looking for ways to do this.

More accurate baby shower games.

“We need to focus on creating big, structural change to tackle this climate crisis and the Washington corruption head-on.”

I loved Tori Amos so much in college.

If money were no object, I’d wear dresses by Ulla Johnson.

Speaking of things to wear, Grayson just sent me a few of their shirts (they claim their hero is the one button-up shirt you need) to try and I love the cut.

How A 6-Year-Old Girl’s Letter Launched ‘Plastic Army Women’ (they will be sold Christmas 2020)

Language matters.

Concerned parents in Davis just got the city council to pass a new ordinance on gun sales in town. Think global, act local!

Read with tissue. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

And some quick ways to connect with your kids, even when you’re really busy.

Made me chuckle to see cottage cheese in the green. We consume a steady supply and Aron would opine about it as a superfood if asked.

A $9 Trader Joe’s dupe for one of the most expensive-per-ounce moisturizers? Tempting!

The opacity of the SmartPhone in a parent’s life. (Aron and I have often talked about this.)

HBO produces a documentary to help kids understand 9/11

After posting about that viral Amazon nightgown and coat, someone asked if I knew of any other viral Amazon hits. Not sure but these are the ones I’ve heard about that seem most intriguing to me: Wrap DressCargo Jacket, and Military Anorak.

Also from there, this desk lamp I spied in Mandy Moore’s office redo. I think it would look great in a kid’s room.

I haven’t yet tried Linen Sheets. (Have you? Thoughts?) But I’ve heard these are the best. Based on their towels, I would trust that.

I’ve been watching this lately, but have almost finished. What shows are you watching right now?

Aron suggested this podcast episode for me. It’s on my to-listen list.

P.S. Sorry for dropping in and out less frequently lately. These back-to-school weeks always throw me for a loop! We’ve also had a lot of travel and some family health-scares (everyone is okay, thank goodness). I really appreciate you for coming back and checking in.

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