Jumpers, Rompers, and Onesies


I never know what to call them, but I can’t stop reaching for them. The one-piece is officially my favorite: It’s a comfortable, fun alternative to the summer dress. It’s an unfussy item to pack for when you need to get dressed up.

Truth: I just bought another one today in Stockholm.

Here are some others I’d happily bring home right now…


Row 1: Caroline Silk Jumpsuit | Usoa Eyelet Romper | Jersey Jumpsuit

Row 2: Tencel Denim Romper | Tove Denim Jumpsuit | Long Jumpsuit

Row 3: Aida Embroidered Jumpsuit | Tie-Waist Romper | Georgie Jumper (maternity!)

Row 4: Brisa Jumpsuit | Leele Denim JumperCheesecloth Jumpsuit with Ruffle


What do you think? Are you on board with the one-piece for summer? (And what do you call it?)

P.S. The jumpsuit in this post remains a favorite as well, and is now on sale!

[Top photo via Rennes (Similar) | Bottom photo via Vanessa of Babesicle, who helped with this post! (Similar)]

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