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Last week in Los Angeles, I wandered into the Silverlake branch of Mollusk Surf Shop and was reminded why I love the brand: Surfboards lining the wall, furniture built by their friends, a dog asleep in the sunny corner, and some friendly conversation about the benefits of working at the Venice location—where you’re minutes from the waves. That and, obviously, the clothes. It just feels like California.

Johanna St. Clair and her husband John McCambridge started Mollusk in San Francisco back in 2005—first selling just t-shirts and hand-shaped surfboards. They’ve since opened shops in Venice and Silverlake, but still feel like a small local company.

I picked up a couple of items from the new spring line and got a chance to look at this season’s photographs by Will Adler. As usual, they’ve captured my imagination about the surf. I thought I’d share some favorites. I especially love how they capture the natural beauty of women in their element—salty hair, sun-kissed skin, and all.

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I have this Guru cover-up in white (you can see it in our Hawaii travelogue or at Hudson’s birthday party) and think I may have to get the faded black, too.

Also, that pull-on drawstring skirt—so simple for the beach. I picked up the drawstring beach pants.

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After watching this pup on the beach for a couple of years now, I did some sleuthing on Mollusk’s Instagram: I learned that this cutie is named Dylan and, naturally, has his own hashtag.

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I have Mollusk’s Saladita one-piece, but they’ve got some new one pieces this season that look pretty awesome. I love the return to low-backed one-pieces. Here, the Esalen and the Birkin.

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Gorgeous, right? Other favorite items from the line (some pictured): Stripe Mini Dress, Benetau Tee, Pelicano Bikini, Tipped Tee, and the Baja Shorts.

And some great news: I asked if Mollusk would share a discount with readers and for the first time ever they’ve agreed to offer an early season discount—20% off all new items in the spring collection! Exclusive to readers, use the code H+T20 any time in the next three days (by the end of April 1) for 20% off the new line, for Women or for Men.

P.S. More on Mollusk’s founders, Johanna St. Clair and John McCambridge, who started the brand making tshirts in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco.

This post is sponsored by Mollusk, a local brand I’m happy to support! All photos by Will Adler for Mollusk. 

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