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Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We moved swiftly into Christmas mode by picking out our tree on Friday morning. But then we realized we all weren’t quite ready and waited until Sunday to bring it inside. This weekend we’ll probably decorate it. Baby steps…

Of course, ready or not, the holidays are coming, and December 1st was marked with the return of one the kids’ favorite parts of the season: the Advent calendar. This year will have to feature more crafts and activities at home (making ornaments and wrapping paper, for example), and fewer outings, but I don’t think they’ll mind. Hudson asked if memorizing a Christmas song could be added this year, which is a great idea! We started with opening up the holiday-books box, choosing toys to donate, and making a craft with grandma (at a distance, outside!). And of course there will be lots of movies. I think we’ll add in Home Alone for the first time this year. We have already started with Little Women. (Do you have some favorites?) Here is a past post with some more of our favorite Advent Calendar ideas.

I also need to get going on holiday cards this weekend. I’m later than usual this year. If you haven’t gotten a photo for yours yet, here are some tips.

Some links of note… 

The dangerous ‘yeah, whatever’ phase of Trump’s lame-duck Presidency.

Biden names an all-female senior communications team!

The fascinating reason why clowns paint their faces on eggs.
If your family plans for the holidays include travel or gathering with people outside your immediate household, here are some recommendations for when to start quarantining and get tested.
The Dance Theatre of Harlem’s beautiful dancing in the streets.
A fascinating (if frightening) study on indoor virus transmission.
“Includes many brisk walks.” Ways dating during the pandemic is like living in a Jane Austen novel. Made me laugh.
Give kids free time to help them find their passions. (via Mother)
Customer reviews for this robe include ““like ‘I stole it from a hotel’ good.” Consider me intrigued!
An ornament gift that could work for anyone on your list.
This renter’s bathroom update looks awesome!
I just learned that Catherine O’Hara is ALSO the voice of Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas. More reasons she is a treasure.
The Fun & Games section of Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite places to find unexpected gifts. I’d take the Simpsons puzzle or the mini table-top games (like Air Hockey or ping pong).
My friend got a simple, wipe-able checked-vinyl tablecloth for all the crafts and cookie-decorating going on, and it’s brilliant! I’m ordering one for us.
Had to share the Packaging Guy video, if you haven’t seen it yet.
I can’t wait to watch this. I find Jenna Lyons’ style so inspiring!
There’s a Snowglobe-Santa in Denmark and it’s perfect! Can we do Santa visits like this post-pandemic?
A new Quarantine-edition song remake, sung by the Phoenix Chamber Choir. It’s a good one! Enjoy! (via SwissMiss)
Have a great weekend!
[Photo by Go Dairy Free. Would work with any pancakes!]

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