Our Home: Sacramento Home Magazine Feature!

Something really exciting happened a few weeks ago: We were shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and we spotted Sacramento Home Magazine on the newsstands, with Skyler and Sawyer on the cover!

Just before school started, Catherine Warmerdam came over to interview me for the story and, a few days later, Gary and Lisa Ashley of Create + Gather came over to take some photos. It was such an honor to be featured, and I was so excited to see it all come together in print!

It’s a local publication, so I know most of you won’t get to see the story. Here are some shots that appeared in the issue, along with some of the outtakes that Gary shot and was kind enough to share. As you can imagine, I treasure them already!

Gary and Ashley put the kids at ease immediately (though they’re not known for being particularly shy around adults), and the two of them happily went about painting with watercolors and reading outside while we got the shots needed for the story.

Knowing that they are themselves parents to a young child made me feel at ease, too!

Looking back, I recall that everyone had just gotten haircuts. (Sawyer, included!) Skyler had also just gotten out of the hospital and still had her UCDMC tattoo on her arm! We’d nearly cancelled but, man, kids are so resilient!

It didn’t seem likely that they would be featuring the kids’ rooms but, just in case, I pained that rainbow to go over Skyler’s bed the night before the shoot.

It’s interesting to read about our home from an observer’s perspective, to see it in light of themes: “Water-themed artwork—pools, swimmers, the beach—is juxtaposed with oversized depictions of the West, including Richard Prince’s Marlboro cowboy and a start desert scene from San Diego photographer Jamie Street.”

I do find myself drawn to these things, and it made me happy to see our home described as a “quintessential California” home.

They hadn’t planned to take any outdoor shots, but I love this one.

In hindsight, I wish I had tried harder to schedule the shoot on a day when Aron could join us. It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Lisa and Gary, and I’m so grateful to have these lovely photos of our family!

P.S. Our full Home Tour here and on A Cup of Jo. This post features a lot of before/afters.

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