Happy Anniversary

There’s a lot to celebrate in the month of December. I told Aron he should have proposed in March rather than December so that we could spread things out a bit (he sweetly replied that he couldn’t wait, rather than suggest that I couldn’t).

Today, the 14th, is our dating anniversary. Eleven years ago today, Aron flew back from his year abroad in Australia and showed up on my doorstep. We had actually gone out (and fallen in love) before he left; but we count the day of his return, after months of letter-writing as our anniversary. It’s funny how vivid that day still is. I had a Philosophy final to take that day; I can’t tell you anything about what was on that exam, but I could tell you exactly what each of us were wearing.

After a few false starts that nearly made us give up on the whole thing, Hudson fell asleep and we snuck out to celebrate over dinner at Public (leaving our babysitter to tip-toe around the apartment in our stead). I had always wanted to go for dinner and it was just as beautiful and aglow as I had imagined over years of brunches.

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