Hudson, Meet Santa

A couple Saturdays ago, while Aron was at a surgical course, Hudson and I went on a whim to the ABC Home Store on Broadway to meet a very fancy Santa. I felt surprisingly emotional once we turned the corner and saw all of the children dressed in their special holiday outfits, Santa getting his beard pulled, and parents giddy as they simultaneously entertained and snapped photos of their children. All of these firsts… first Christmas, first Santa, first tree… it can definitely pull on the heartstrings of sentimental types like myself and I regretted that I hadn’t waited for a day Aron was off work.

I was also surprised by how well Hudson did and how much he, too, seemed to enjoy watching all of the chaos! Sometimes he seems overwhelmed in crowds, but this time he seemed fascinated! Another parent took the photo of him on Santa’s lap in case I needed to distract him, but he was perfectly content to sit with the big, bearded fella (unlike his mom, years ago). What a little champ.

Of course the most famous Santa in New York is probably the Macy’s Santa. Has anyone braved the lines? Thinking about it makes me want to go and re-read David Sedaris’ absolutely hilarious (and irreverent) account of his stint as an elf in Macy’s Santa Land–“The Santa Land Diaries.” If you haven’t read it yet, check out Barrel Fever

or Holidays On Ice
. Also a must for the season? Listening to him read his essay, “Six to Eight Black Men.” I think I cry-laugh a little every time.

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