Five years this Saturday…

Hard to believe, but this Saturday is our fifth wedding anniversary! And it’s the first time since we were married that the date falls on a Saturday. It seems fitting–the occasion really seems tied to a weekend.

I look forward to reminiscing every year about the planning and the excitement and the anticipation.

When we were planning the wedding, I wasn’t reading any blogs. Over the year-and-a-half we were engaged, I would get so excited for the seasonal Martha Stewart Weddings, because there weren’t things like Pinterest to browse for inspiration. It’s probably a good thing, really: how does one make any decisions with so many beautiful options and ideas?

We actually had so much fun taking our time and selecting everything ourselves. We would drive up to the Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez area from Los Angeles on weekends to taste cakes or scout locations, and we took any opportunity we could to go admire the Oak tree we would married under once we knew the spot.

We drove up to Los Olivos the Thursday before the wedding and with a flat of strawberries on my lap, the Pacific Ocean to our left, and wide goofy grins on our faces. Let the reminiscing commence…

P.S. There’s a photo of me with those strawberries in our DC travelogue.

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