Scenes from Easter Sunday


After seeing lots of parent-prep going on Saturday night on Instagram, I’m really curious about what everyone who makes their kids’ Easter baskets is putting in them. Aron asked me “Has the Easter Bunny always been sort of a lesser Santa Claus?”

I always remember finding a pretty basket waiting on Easter morning. I have a feeling it may have had a book or stuffed animal in it, but I mostly recall it having chocolate: a hollow chocolate bunny or a bordeaux egg from See’s Candies. Sometimes there’s be one of those sugar-eggs with a little scene inside—a vignette. And there were also the plastic eggs to find, too.



Neither of our kids have any established expectations about Easter baskets (though Hudson was looking forward to hunting for eggs). Still, I filled two small ones with a few items—like a yo-yo and a couple of mini-cadbury eggs. But mostly the same things I put in them last year and he’d already forgotten about (shhhh…), or in Skyler’s case, a baby animal mini-board-book of Hudson’s she’d been showing interest in.

It seems to be enough. (For now?)



Later that morning, we had a little egg hunt at Aron’s parents’ house again. It’s always fun to see how differently kids approach a hunt. Hudson barely noticed that I’d said “go” at first—he was reading with a buddy. When he did find his first egg, he spent precious time running back to show it to us. Most of the boys sprinted out to the lawn and ran back and forth—with very little order to the search—while the two of the girls methodically hung back and checked every planter. It’s hard to say which method merited the most eggs, but theirs was clearly more energy efficient!


Hudson and his best friend from preschool engaging in a little mutual head-rubbing after digging through their loot. A lot of love here.


All the excitement warranted a little Jungle Book in the afternoon. (Such great music in that cartoon!)

So now I’m looking forward to thinking of all those recipes in which I can use those hard-boiled eggs (that we didn’t ever actually get around to dying—ha!). Like this one.


Or these, pictured: Cobb Salad; Cobb Pasta Salad; Asparagus with Grated Egg & Vinaigrette; Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs (image via this PopSugar roundup)

P.S. Skyler really started walking this weekend! And yesterday she stood up all by herself many times over. (I haven’t caught that one yet, but here’s Hudson on his first time!)

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