Turn, turn, turn…

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“There is a season… turn, turn, turn… ”

Feels like we’re spinning faster than ever lately: we’ve been going on school visits and attending information nights at schools the past two weeks, looking forward to Kindergarten (and first grade and second grade and then, poof… college). I had to remind myself that the students who made these little birds in a kiln, who sat quietly in a circle looking so tall, were really more than halfway through their kindergarten year. They’re so much older than my little guy. Right?

And then of course we’re looking forward to all that spring and summer entail. The weekly Picnics in the Park have re-commenced at the Farmer’s Market, and Easter is around the corner! Our spring break is already next week. And there are some other very exciting things on the horizon that I hope to share soon.

What’s on the horizon for you?

P.S. No Friday links this week. I didn’t get to read enough! Tell me, what have I missed? Any good articles to share?

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