Sailing into the sunset

We’re in full-on countdown mode now, and crossing things off of our “must-do in New York before we leave”-list with serious determination. Going for a sunset sail has been on a more general “must-do” list for some time now, however! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve pointed to the clipper ships and schooners sailing out toward the Statue of Liberty and remarked “we should do that!” All of this is to say: it took far too long. We boarded at 6:30 for a two-hour sail. Our glasses were filled with sparkling wine around the time we passed by Battery Park and heard passengers in the stern break into patriotic song. Most of the time, however, you could pretend you were on your own (semi) private date. We had plenty of room up in the bow; and while we were free to roam, we (and everyone else) kept to our spots, content to watch the water and the sky and changing colors of the buildings. We brought dinner along, but chose instead to eat in the grass by the piers after we docked. After all, the sun is just setting around 8:30pm lately–it was more of a sun almost-set sail.

Okay, here’s the thing about this to-do list: we’re going to be back.
We don’t really have to check off anything. But if this was any indication, it’s going to be lovely trying. I think posting photos from this wish-list/bucket-list might form a dominant theme here this month. Under thirty days… whoah.

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