A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Some ideas for Mother’s Day (it’s coming up—May 10): Whether it’s for you, your wife, your gal pal, or your mother, I hope there’s something inspiring here. (And if not, check out the last mother’s day gift guide—or even the one before that. I still stand by all of those suggestions, too.)

If she’s hooked on podcasts, she’ll appreciate these beautiful headphones. (However, if she prefers in-ear ones, consider these by Bose—the noise reduction feature is fantastic.)

Gorgeous, feminine, one-of-a-kind baskets.

Chocolate and roses: pink vanilla buttercream roses with chocolate layer cake. Yumm…

Homemade bath salts—and the promise of an hour to soak with them. (You just need Weck Jars, epsom salts, and essential oils—any scent you like.)

Luxurious new towels by Coyuchi. (I fell for these on our day-trip.)

Paintable family dolls—to make with her kids.

Everyone can use a large canvas tote. I like this striped one from West Elm. (And it’s on sale. And monogrammable.)

ceramic jar, handmade in Minnesota—because she’ll love how unique it looks.

Kumquat are symbols of prosperity. (Tasty ones.) Order her a dwarf Nagami or Fukushu tree.

Nothing says love (or “have fun”) like a giant, inflatable pool toy, right? Try the swan or the flamingo.

Something beautiful for her table.

A slim backpack that will keep her hands free without overwhelming her frame.

The Anne of Green Gables DVD boxed set: good for remembering watching it with her mother—or for watching with her daughter.

New moms would love this picnic blanket and playmat. (Note: It’s coming from France—you may need to wrap up a photo until it arrives.)

A classic: this solid copper watering can is made from a single metal tube that is bent three times and soldered onto its body. (There are lots of colors.)

And, finally (and this may be all you need): plans for the day together—and a card that says thank you, and tells her you love her.

P.S. All gift guides.

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