Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Communication

The sling diaries are on their fourth month, so I went back and looked at our Memorial Day trip to Saint Martin to grab some (fairly recent) photos to share. Man, that was a great week. Most of the time we just hung out at the hotel and had fun at the beach, but occasionally we’d venture out. We’d drive ten minutes south from our spot at Anse Marcel to the Lolos in Grand Case (barbecues on the beach that we visited once before, on a previous trip); and Hudson would share cheerios with me while we waiting for fish and ribs and, my favorite, skewers of butter-dressed shrimp to come off the grill. Our single-layer linen sling was nice in that heat. (We’re going to take it with us to Bali, we’ve decided.) It’s really not fair that I get to be in all of the baby-wearing photos, by the way: Aron uses the sling to tote Hudson around more than I do now that he’s home!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Hudson’s chair is the clip-on Inglesina Table Chair

 that we also use as his high-chair at home!

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