The love story we need (& Friday Links)

Fleabag Waller Bridge

Aron and I finally watched (binged) both seasons of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s brilliant Fleabag a few weeks ago, and I’ve joined the ranks of those who can’t stop thinking about it. (The show just earned 11 Emmy nominations!) Bazaar called it “head-splittingly, tear-jerkingly and disarmingly romantic,” and if they mean you’ll fall in love with Waller-Bridge they’re right.

We also happen to now be watching the second season of Killing Eve—which Waller-Bridge developed and authored—and it’s interesting how much more I appreciate Eve’s fixation with the assassin having watched Fleabag. I’m much more ready to appreciate her complications, her toying with those self-destructive behaviors, if I think of her as someone in her own love-story and not as an out-of-depth MI5 agent. (Because she totally is, right?) If you’re watching any good shows right now, I’d love to hear about them. We’re back to episode-to-episode waiting for that one and Big Little Lies and I’m already missing the binge.

Beyond the television, we’ve been busy celebrating Hudson’s birthday this week! He turned eight on Wednesday and we are throwing a kid’s party tomorrow. He requested a pool party with an origami and baseball theme, so… we’ll work on interpreting that as best we can.

In the meantime, some links of note… 

I’ve been really tempted to try that Face App, but I was worried about this. Apparently I was right to!

New York children read the letters of their detained migrant peers.

More women over the age of 50 are starting new businesses.

The quiet cruelty of When Harry Met Sally

Can there be any confusion?

The first time they’ve put dad on the diaper box? Whoah.

Prepping for vacation: Taking time off when you’re forever on.

Love the idea of this Salad Dressing Grid.

Confession: I’ve never actually cooked tofu. But I just bought some and I’d like to try this recipe over the weekend.

I didn’t realize Mango carried kids’ clothes. I’d wear every one of these girls’ dresses.

My flip flops are on their last leg and I’m thinking about replacing these classics with a thinner strap version.

I’ve been needing to update my podcasts app. This post is in my to-read list.

I feel like I might be getting Nordstrom-sale-alert fatigue (so you may be too), and I think I’ll skip a full post. But I got distracted by the beauty section: Dr. Gross peels, Badescu drying potion, and Le Labo discovery set. (P.S. A tip for searching the sale: look up favorite brands or search categories and then sort by “percentage off,” to see if there’s a deal right now.)

Have a great weekend!


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