Happy Monday (& some Friday links)

The kids have two more days of summer vacation, so I’m going to be spending these days trying hard to be fun-cool-mom. (Wish me luck!)

So I’m stepping away from the computer and posting this link list a little late… Hope they find you well on this Monday!

The 1619 Project—a must-read.

Devastation all around. Can we recover?

One president skipped out on the G7 talks about climate. Guess who?

An older article, that remains relevant (unfortunately): The futility as long as laws don’t change. “As long as there is easy access to guns, there’s no way parents, teachers, and other specialists can thwart every violent teenager.”

Does income-inequality last forever? (On my to-read list.)

Some better news: A new suicide hotline will be three numbers.

I think I’d like to try using the bedtime app on my phone.

One busy lady’s organization tips.

Have we ruined childhood?

Back-to-school lunch inspiration.

Tips for calming down kids.

Design Files always delivers the wow-makeovers.

A low-sugar celebration cake to try.

A reader, Joy, shared this review with me a while back, and the show made us laugh and cringe. Just noticed that there’s a new season out!

Did you follow the thread on the “Christian Girl Autumn meme“?

Baby trip advisor. (If infants wrote hotel reviews.)

Blogger launched 20 years ago.

Love this simple market tote by Baggu.

Another viral hit, #amazonnightgown.

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