Where do you get your beauty advice?

I feel like, for the majority of the past ten years, all the beauty advice I’d taken to heart was gleaned while getting ready for my wedding. I started paying attention to skincare (it helped that Aron was doing a dermatology rotation at the time) and went around to department store makeup counters to get makeup tutorials.

I had done one trial makeup session with a day-of person (and hated it—so cakey!) and then made an appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter at Saks for a lesson. I found a few products I really liked and basically didn’t stray for years! I always think about those women who would end up on Oprah as examples of what not to do, i.e. “she wears the same neon eyeliner she wore to her prom… 30 years ago! Gasp!” That could be me. I was just lucky that I happened to take pointers on wearing makeup from someone who advised looking natural.

But as my skin show more signs of aging living well (see: the harsh reality of comparing one’s own skin to one’s baby’s skin), I’ve been wanting to try new things. And more recently, when I cut my hair shorter, I needed some new ways to style it.

Only this time, instead of going to the department stores or reading articles in Martha Stewart Weddings, I’ve found myself falling down YouTube rabbit holes. This Hello To Beauty one was the first step…


Bravo to anyone who just washes-and-goes, but for the rest of us: Do you YouTube beauty advice? Any favorite video tutorials? If not, to who and where do you look? 

P.S. More style posts. Like 10-minute messy waves, adopting a signature look, and growing out short hair.

[Top photo by Molly Cranna for Refinery29]


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