The old lady whispering hush

Ever since Aron did his dermatology rotation in medical school (coincidentally timed to my trying to look better for wedding photos), I’ve been a lot more careful with my skin. I cringe when I think back to all of those summers spent tanning (even if I do sort of miss the smell of SPF 4 Bain De Soleil Orange Gelee). My motivation is ten-fold now that I get the pleasure of comparing my skin to Hudson’s on a routine basis. Seriously, it’s the dark underbelly to those fun games we play together in front of the mirror: we kiss the baby in the mirror and wave hello to mommy and luckily it’s all so cute (he’s so cute) that I’m somewhat distracted from the cruel reality of the very up-close side-by-side view of the baby and that old lady. (Where’d she come from?!)

So I went and bought myself another hat in hopes that I will be good about wearing one this summer, and I decided to finally try the Clarisonic

. Now I just have to remember to use it.

And on that note, a few fun things that were collecting in my starred file recently…

This cocktail sounds delicious! Perfect for warmer weather (bring it on).
Whenever I see January Jones, I think of the commentary on the Love Actually DVD: she plays one of the girls in the American bar scene and Hugh Grant (my favorite cad) takes a shine to the then unknown beauty while watching the playback. Oh, and P.S. I’m so excited Mad Men is back!
This could be yours for a cool 4.5 Million dollars. Pretty incredible.
I thought Manhattan was the ultimate backdrop for an outdoor movie, but I was mistaken. (Check this out.)
Yes–A Yearbook! We need to do this. I miss photo albums, don’t you?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have your bags waiting for you? (Joanna told me hers just arrived in Austin!)
So funny. And spot on! (Via Momfilter)
Jenna’s photos from her trip out to Los Angeles make me nostalgic for our old stomping grounds. I completely agree about instagram photos, by the way–they’re often my favorite these days. Are you hooked, too?
Loving Angharad’s pinboard of Short Hair photos. My hair was this length when Aron and I first met–I used to take an Anne Heche photo to the salon with me–and I often miss it (but the grow out phase was SO hard).
And our final guest post (on seeing New York by bike) is up in Pia’s Guest Quarters.

Have a great weekend! Wear sunscreen!

P.S. We have decided to try out the market and list our apartment for sale. I’ll let you know when there’s an open house (probably just after Easter) in case anyone knows someone shopping!

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