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Besides visiting a half-dozen sights, trying about a few hundred restaurants, and repeating a gazillion favorite activities, sharing lists of said favorites on this blog is something I’d like to add to my goal list for our remaining months in New York City. I keep making mental notes as we go on walks (I’ve even starting collecting photos of my favorite cross-town street), for the guide I’d put together.

But it may be a while yet before I come up with anything resembling a guide, so:  A year or so ago, I stumbled upon Immaculate Infatuation, a restaurant review site for New York written by two guys in the music industry, and so far it has been spot-on and has led me to some really cool finds. Obviously, I haven’t tried everything they recommend, so I should qualify this praise a bit, but I really do appreciate the way that comparable places pop up in a sidebar with each review (of the “if you like Peel’s, try The Smile” variety). The site seems to have grown considerably since I first came across it, which means that their review archive is getting better and better. (I get the feeling that being in marketing, in the music business, doesn’t hurt.) Anyway, I think it’s worth bookmarking.

Some other favorite resources for finding good eats in New York are Serious Eats, New York Magazine, and the Dining section of the New York Times; local blogs and travel magazines (more current than travel guide books) are also worth checking out if you’re planning a visit.

P.S. My breakfast reviews of The Smile and Peels for Serious Eats

[Image from The Smile is ours]

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