A spring weekend in Lake Tahoe

Just over a month ago, Aron and I were skiing while the snow fell. Last weekend, we watched the last frozen pile in front of the cabin melt away, and found the nearby meadows bursting with color. Streams are full and waterfalls are flowing; the decks are open and the crowds are still low—it’s an amazing time to visit Lake Tahoe.

We’ve been eager for the snow to clear around our cabin. The storms this winter were intense, and we’ve been needing to do some repairs and make some landscape adjustments. We just installed new flooring on the ground level, and the yard work can get finished this week!

Of course the kids were happy to find one patch of snow, still holding out, for a final snowball fight.

We started out at the Lake Tahoe Dam—which controls the upper 6.1 feet of the lake by regulating the amount of water released into the Truckee River—and the Tahoe City Visitor’s Center to find out the condition of some of the short hikes in the area. With such a big snowpack this year, it may be especially prudent to ask someone about trail conditions and flooding. They have maps and trail-listings as well as a great selection of children’s books.

Eagle Rock is a very rewarding short hike on the West Shore, up and across an enormous volcanic rock formation that reaches out over Hwy 89 to panoramic overlooks of Lake Tahoe. Hudson, always the man of superlatives, thought it was the “best hike ever.” It was probably just 30-45 minutes each way—but of course everyone was still “starving” when we finished.

We drove back up the west side of the Lake to Sunnyside Resort for lunch on the deck, snagging a spot on the edge so we could watch the kids when they went down to the rocky beach (which is so narrow this year)—and got dessert to go from next door, the West Shore Market.

Just beyond the cabin are some trailheads through Ward Creek Park—there’s a wonderful little boardwalk that meanders through a wide meadow and the flowers were showing up in abundance.

We didn’t make it over to Paige Meadows on this visit, but it’s reputed to be one of the best spots in area for wildflower viewing.

On Sunday, after lunch on Hurricane Bay (appropriately windy that day), we decided to drive out via South Lake Tahoe for a change.

We found the only crowds around Emerald Bay, where Eagle Falls were roaring! (And some folks were getting far too close for my comfort! Yikes!)

On the south shore, we paid a first visit to the Taylor Creek Visitor Center to walk the short Rainbow Trail—through the woods and marsh—to Taylor Creek where there’s a stream profile viewing chamber. We saw a few trout but can’t wait to return during Salmon spawning season.

The footpath is paved and it’s an easy walk; the views of Mount Tallac are incredible!

Back at the visitor’s center, you can follow another trail to get out to the Tallac Historic Site and Baldwin Beach—where dogs are allowed!

We made our last stop about 7 miles down the road at Camp Richardson, for dinner at Beacon Bar & Grill on the beach, and ice cream cones, before making the drive back to Davis.

We’re discovering new places to love on every visit. What are your favorite destinations in Lake Tahoe? 

P.S. See all the posts on Lake Tahoe, and the rental listing for the cabin.



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