An A-Frame in the woods (& Friday links)

A Frame

I remember, when my parents had a cabin, driving past A-frames like this one and thinking they looked so bizarre and antiquated. I wouldn’t have articulated it so at the time, but I believe the phrase is “retro”?

Funny how appealing this image is to me now! A-frames are awesome!

What are you up to this weekend? Hopefully you have something fun planned! (Like staying in an A-frame in the mountains?)

Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately…

I shared a few favorite wreath-making tutorials last week. I’d add this one to that list!

Last winter we visited the Remodelista Market at Heath SF and found so many amazing vendors. Looks like they’re bringing the sale to New York this year, too!

Congratulations to a favorite fellow blogger, Kate Miss, on her recent, beautiful wedding! Oh, and you know I have a thing for great (unusual) wedding shoes… Kate’s are no exception!

Speaking of weddings, Miss Moss honeymooned in New York City. Loved seeing these photos of so many great haunts from our old home town.

Haven’t you always wanted to know the trick to painting Ikea furniture?!

Hudson’s copy just arrived and I can’t wait to share it with him on December 1st!

Just about every single one of my friends in Davis is pregnant right now, and we’re all laughing at McSweeney’s birth plan. (Thanks for the link, Rhiannon!)

Remember when we discussed the question of having more than one child? As if it weren’t nerve-wracking enough, this gem of a post on Motherlode just popped up in my RSS feed.

Misspelled names at Starbucks made me laugh.

But I wasn’t laughing so much a few weeks ago when it seemed like every other thing was bringing on the waterworks for a certain two-year-old. Aron sent me this link (of all the ridiculous things that make toddlers erupt in tears) which was actually very reassuring.

I’ve started Thanksgiving and Christmas Pinterest boards. And, if you’re interested, shared some thoughts on traveling and date nights, here.

And, finally, have you entered the huge giveaway Hither & Thither is hosting?? 2 more days…

Have a great one!
[image by Simone Anne (via Stocksy, Image 663502)]

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