Astronomical Phenomenon (& Friday Links)

Next week is Manhattanhenge–an astronomical phenomenon and non-official holiday occurring twice a year when the sun sets in perfect alignment with the Manhattan street grid (first described in 2002 by “sexiest astrophysicist alive,” Neil deGrasse Tyson). Buildings along the East-West streets glow and crowds gather in the final moments of daylight—darting back and forth between light cycles, dodging traffic, and eventually gaining critical mass such as to keep traffic at bay.

This year you can catch it on May 29 at 8:13 p.m., when half of the sun will line up with the grid, and on May 30 at 8:12 p.m., when the full sun will line up. In July, the full sun aligns on the 12th and the half on the 13th. The first occurrence always seems to herald summer.

It’s going to feel like summer here this weekend—but even more so where I’ll be: I’m heading to Palm Springs with a group of friends! We’re reuniting with one of our dearest who moved away last year. I can’t wait!

Hope you have something fun planned as well! Here are some links of note if you’re in the mood…

How awesome is this?! A Napercise class

Speaking my language: Goop’s guide to fast food

This is an old article, but Aron was just reading it to me and it’s fascinating! Quicksand was everywhere when I was a kid! The rise and fall of quicksand.

Feeling like home-life is unbalanced? How not to resent your husband after kids. I imagine these tips could apply in any two-parent household, with any structure.

Some people messaged me for the source after I shared this instagram: chopstick helpers for kids

Aron and I saw a young girl swimming with this mermaid tail last weekend and it was incredible! (Bonus: sun protection!)

The illustrator Gaia Cornwall just published her first children’s book, Jabari Jumps, and it’s so lovely! Perfect for summer. Congratulations, Gaia!

I loved what Maggie Gyllenhaal had to say about how she discusses Trump with her kids—differently based on their ages.

The Campbell Apartment, Grand Central’s secret bar, is reopening.

Our next bookclub read. I’m so curious about these—so much fuss!

One of the best things I’ve read about the feelings that can hit you as you’re moving—and what makes a place feel like home.

I want to try this on so badly! That price tag, though.

Did you read the Atlantic article “My Family’s Slave“? It’s long, but so compelling. Still, it didn’t sit right with me, and I see I’m not alone. The criticism. 

Of course all I can really do is read the news right now. Where to even begin?!

Related: do you read ProPublica? They’re an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest and if you are looking for reliable news, I would trust them to deliver it. But their recent Facebook post made me laugh!

Finally, we’re finally opening up reservations again for the cabin in Tahoe! What a crazy winter. I’m hoping to share more soon, but in the meantime it’s available over Memorial Day weekend and more dates starting in June. Here’s the listing on AirBnB. More photos on IG at #twopinesTahoe

[Photos are Aron and mine from 2011. You can see more #Manhattanhenge on Instagram]

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