The best gifts for a traveler

Joanna and Condé Nast Traveler recently asked me about my favorite travel gifts . You can see a couple of my recommendations (and those of many others) here.

What would you add to the list? I definitely second the cashmere socks!

In fact, I’d put together a complete sleep-kit for a loved-one’s carry-on–something utilitarian but also a little luxurious. And what’s more luxurious than getting good rest on a red-eye? Toss an eye mask

(the kind that lets you blink during REM sleep), a double-inflating neck pillow
(for wedging to the side or back of your neck), a pair of socks (cashmere if they’re lucky, or some classic Wigwams), and a pair of earplugs into a Baggu zipper pouch; stash it under the tree and they’ll be eternally grateful.

And, so I never have to go too long without hearing his voice, extra battery life for Aron’s phone. These charge up on your computer and remain on standby (rather than bulking up something he always keeps in his pocket).

[Photos from our 2010 trip to India: (1) Arriving in Delhi as the sun rose (2) Aron on the overnight train from Jodhpur to Delhi]

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