Beautiful India

We’re home (too soon!) from India–we had an absolutely amazing trip. It’s almost hard to believe that we were just there, that it really happened.
We have about a billion photos, give or take a couple. Last night we fought the urge to go to bed at 6 p.m. so that we could download them. I think we’re both overwhelmed by how many there are, as well as thrilled to have them and see them. Which is to say… here is a preview / it might be a while before we can get this travelogue together.
Of course, I don’t want to forget a thing–each day was filled with fascinating details, most of which contributed to a sense of extremes: colors, smells, flavors, heat…
We had a difficult start to the trip when we had to leave Sunday night instead of Friday because our plane was re-routed to avoid the ash cloud (we lost one day to the global disaster and one to Continental airline’s mistakes, but that’s another story), and we got up at dawn to ride the local train into Mumbai so as to still have a few hours there. We may have run on adrenaline that day, but it wasn’t too hard to feel awakened by all that was around us–throughout the trip.
Thanks for all of the comments and well-wishes on our update-posts! Here are a few images that caught our fancy last night. 
(this man liked Aron’s taste in eyeware)
Enjoy the weekend!

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