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It rained in California this week! Just after our unprecedented heat wave, this week started cool and rainy and Davis somehow got close to 4-inches of rain (that’s 20% of our usual yearly total) in 24 hours. Now we’re getting back into the ’90s this weekend. But yesterday evening, as the clouds rolled out, was a nice taste of autumn to come.

It was a good reminder to do some seasonal housekeeping: I just got my flu shot and my Covid booster—the kids will get theirs this afternoon. And I double checked my voter registration. Double check that you’re ready, here: Vote.Org

Have a great weekend! Some links of note…

Selects from a California Road Trip” is such a lovely collection of drawings. Feels inspiring for memorializing a trip.

I’ve watched this a dozen times… at least. Can’t get enough.

The kids and I recently came across this starter harmonica I’d gotten them around age 5 or so and had a lot of fun playing with it. It’s such a fun easy instrument and makes a great gift.

I love pavlovas and Hudson loves cookies-n-cream: this dessert is calling our name.

On my weekend’s to-read list: “From Boy to Bono.” Read just the first few paragraphs and I’m already gripped.

I cannot believe it was 2014 that we all listened to Serial and heard the story of Adnan Sayed. His conviction has been vacated and he was just freed after 23 years in prison, as described on an update episode of the podcast, “Adnan is Out.

Trevor Noah had some great remarks about it, too, starting around 15:40.

Tips for teen skincare (or for anyone whose skin is behaving like a teenager’s)

Wishlisting a big, cozy sweater like that gorgeous, sunny cashmere number in the photo. I would probably go with the heather grey, though, and play it safer. I already have something similar to that hedgerow color and it might be my favorite, so I need something different.

Because, of course, it’s Sweater Weather. (Well, almost? See above: It’s going to be in the ’90s this weekend.)

I’ve started listening to Hello, Molly (Molly Shannon’s memoir) and she is so fantastic. If you want just a taste, I loved her interview on Conan O’Brien’s podcast wherein she recounts the best story about sneaking onto an airplane as a little girl. It might be even better when told on the podcast because of the conversational reactions.

I’ve finally started watching Hacks and—surprise!—it’s really good.



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