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I finished listening to Hello, Molly—the Molly Shannon memoir I mentioned last week. Tears streaming as it finished, I called Aron to recommend it. I’m a fan for life, now. Told Aron she makes you want to be a better person, a better parent. It’s definitely worth listening for her voice.

After studying various, very similar shades of white for the past few weeks, our house is getting painted this Monday! We had landed on Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee for both the facing and the beams/eaves and then had a last minute change: Ben Moore Dove Wing for the facing and White Dove for the eaves. The difference is very subtle, but I think it will be good to have a slight difference between the two to accentuate the MCM lines. Ours is a Streng (similar to an Eichler), some of you may recall.

Next I need to turn my attention to the new garage’s storage situation and set up. A lot of people recommend the Elfa systems. Any alternatives to suggest or opinions are welcome!

Our good friend is having a commitment ceremony this weekend and I’m excited to dress up and gather with friends to celebrate. It’s the first of two weekends of overnights without the kids. Next weekend we are headed to Vegas—Aron has a conference—and I’m looking forward to our first visit back since the pandemic. Any new recommendations for restaurants or activities? Some of our favorite places have closed, I believe.

Have you started planning costumes for Halloween yet? I have a lot of Halloween-themed posts that I return to for inspiration on here and Pinterest. I’ve got to get on it!

Finally, thinking of all of those who have been or are in the path of Hurricane Ian and hoping you’re safe.

Some links of note… 

Speaking of wanting to be a better parent, someone just introduced me to Dr. Becky’s Instagram and I’m loving it. Thinking of checking out her book.

How did I miss this one?! These two together! Andrew Bird is my absolute favorite. “Left-handed Kisses” at 9:40 in is my favorite (also fantastic with Fiona Apple).

My most-pinned, mood-boarded, leafed-out-of-magazines house ever is for sale.

One of the local dermatology offices had an open house this week. I went for the deep discounts on the Elta MD sunscreen and Skin Ceuticals CE serum, but it did make me curious about lasers for one day down the road. Any experiences to share?

This “apple-picking season” photo!

A guide to Lay’s Chinese potato chip flavors

I’ve been enjoying this Pop podcast—listened to episodes “Elvis, Big Mama Thornton, Doja Cat, and the Long Legacy of ‘Hound Dog‘” and “Harry Styles and the Sledgehammer Horns” about his “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” (Shhh… the kids don’t know this yet, but we got tickets to see Harry Styles in Los Angeles!)

I’m never not looking for great jeans. Newly curious about the 100% cotton Way High Rigids from Everlane.

I got my nails done for the first time in a long time today and speaking of never-not-looking… the perfect orangey-red is my white whale. I’m really excited about the one I found today: Nail color 60 Lust  (Reminds me of Essie Clambake). The gel duos are nice because you can bring the gel with you to the salon and use the regular one at home.

Also on the subject of nails, the Olive & June advent calendars for Christmas and Hanukkah would make such a great gift! (I know, I can’t believe it’s time to think about such things.) The Sephora general one would be fun, too, and Mr. Porter has one more for someone like Aron (though I think it looks great, too).

On my to-listen list, a rec from Aron: “Why Jane Austen still Slaps

P.S. Are you sure you’re registered to vote? Check here.

[Photo from this weekend in Sonoma]

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