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We celebrated Aron’s birthday this week with a daytrip to Marin and a lunch of fresh oysters plucked from Tomales Bay. Hog Island takes reservations for their picnic tables and even if you’re not there for bivalves, it’s the loveliest setting. I hear it’s mad on weekends, but mid-week in the fall is such a great time to go. (Some more photos below the fold.)

It did mean we had to miss the kids’ Dia de los Muertos celebration at their school, which is always a lot of fun, but we still go to come home to face-painted kiddo for some Indian food and chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve also been getting things a bit more figured out on this new project—I promise I’ll share next week (thanks for being understanding!)—so that occupied most of the other days.

We have our first Halloween celebration this weekend and we’re still figuring out our costume. Saturday will be dedicated to efforts on the front—for us and for the kids. Stay tuned!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

For a laugh: If you were a Parent Trap (Lohan edition) fan, you’ll appreciate this!

Game changing exosuit?

The new MOMA. “You need to think about visiting differently.”

What is breakfast? 

A friend asked me about Le Labo dupes and I drew a blank. Any suggestions? Here’s one list. Also have heard good things about this one, but it’s not saving any money if that’s the goal.

So many recs for Lip Cheat as an un-liney lip liner, especially in “Pillow Talk.” My next beauty item to try.

How to look presidential? A history of the problematic pantsuit.

Ha! A cute, last-minute, no-carve pumpkin.

The cabin-section of Urban Outfitters is so cozy!

Conservative women and liberal fantasy. (Thank you, Erin!)

After years of decline (24% from 2009-2016), a spike in air pollution may have taken the lives of almost 10,000 additional Americans over the past two years.

The 1619 project continues to be one of the most amazing things you’ll listen to—it now comes up for us all the time. Here’s how educators are using it to shape new curriculum. (via Kottke)

This is for a lifetime seat in our federal courts!

Rita’s quilt is an uplifting story of community (follow the hashtag)

The final Star Wars trailer!

The new party collection just released at Anthro (holidays!) and I’m a sucker for all the shiny things. (Who doesn’t need a sequin duster?!) Lots of pretty lace, too.

And, finally, some Halloween inspiration (including this roundup with ideas)

Happy birthday, Aron!

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