Looking forward to the Weekend (& Friday Links)

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It’s been a heavy week, hasn’t it? Every night my heart is heavy as I read the news and wonder which statistics* will be enough for things to change. We’ve been turning to late night hosts like John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Jimmy Fallon for some levity and it does help to listen to a good rant or two at the end of the day.

It makes me think about an alarming story I once read about Easter Island. The article, meant to make us think about our environmental impact, talks about the adaptability of humans as a cautionary tale for anyone waiting for an environmental crisis to stimulate a behavioral change: as the people of Easter Island exploited the resources, they just kept learning to make do… eventually with rat meat. One worries that we’ll all just continue to “make do.”

I have no clever segue out of that somber start, only that I’m encouraged by how many people seem to want to stop the making do.

I’ve also got some Friday links of note and the promise of the weekend…

Apparently the secret to a good first date is alcohol. Who would have guessed?

Must make these eggs.

There’s a Saved by the Bell restaurant!

What it’s like to be 13, on Instagram. I keep thinking about this.

Netflix, now streaming all Disney! What would we do without Netflix?

Cooking with a young child

Are reading logs a bad idea for kids?

I hear UnReal is something I should be watching. Are you watching?

Aron recommended this Refinery 29 podcast to me. Which, you might imagine, came as a surprise coming from him—but which was very justified!

Simple, lovely Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Did you enter this giveaway? Your odds are good!

And, finally, a reminder to plan something special for Father’s Day this Sunday! (Here’s a gift guide for last minute inspiration.)

Have a nice weekend! Any interesting reads to share with me? I could use some! 

*(like these)

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