Happy Easter Weekend (& Friday Links)

Happy Easter Weekend to those who are celebrating! We are kicking ours off with back-to-back baseball games on Friday and Saturday, and then having an egg hunt and brunch at Aron’s parents’ house.

At some point, in between, we might get to some egg-dying, and will be re-reading this favorite Easter book. I’d never read it as a child, but I love this 1939-written tale about the Easter bunny tradition—that’s also about valuing the hard work and persistence of a stay-at-home, little brown mother bunny in a white-male-rabbit dominated industry. I highly recommend it—it’s really something! Heyward, the author, also wrote Porgy, which became the basis of Porgy and Bess.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Some links of note… 

Some of the very plain (and troubling) language in the Mueller Report. And yet, “Lawyers and historians will be debating it for decades.”

This was so fascinating—and sort of related: “What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend

Reading about the incredible construction of the Notre Dame and still aghast over the loss.

As does reading about our romance with it. “Victor Hugo, who imagined it first not as a religious monument but as a cultural one, a civic one, where religious piety could manifest as a sheer tribute to the power of the irrational in human life.”

But also. Thoughts on this?

Microsoft stores are offering free summer camps—like Harry Potter- or Dear Evan Hansen-themed coding, and registration just opened.

Thanks for the tip on this band, Tina. (Also, love Tiny Desk Concerts, too!)

Did you watch Homecoming? The Guardian review.

Someone recently recommended Ticket to Ride as “more strategic than your basic game, but not quite as long as Settlers of Catan.” Intrigued. Have you played it?

Ha! I was the “sweaty optimist” twice this week. It didn’t work.

These are great tips for negotiating (or not) at flea markets.

Beautiful photos of childhood, reflecting “the art-science demand of architecture: the skill to manage light and dynamic, the patience to let the story arrive, and the craft to invite grace into the moment.”

Is this why I want to re-watch Younger?

Hudson and I are reading the Roald Dahl memoir, Boy, and are loving finding all of the inspiration for his marvelous stories. His depictions of summers in Norway have made us both want to go back!

If you enjoy celebrity-encounter stories, a good thread for you.

This mascara really has lived up to the hype.

Anthropologie is taking an additional 50% off all sale items this weekend—which means this jumpsuit and this one are further discounted.

And also, this t-shirt, which would make a fantastic mother’s day gift.

Need some Easter inspiration? These botanical eggs are incredible!


How to make easy-to-peel, perfect hard-boiled eggs. (Along with links to all of my favorite ways to prepare eggs.)

How to make the best buttermilk waffles.

And a Pinterest board of inspiration.

[Second photo via Anthropologie—Farm Rio Clara Dress]

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