Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! We’re back from vacation and finishing up our costumes—at the 11th hour, in typical fashion—and getting ready to head downtown for the Davis trick-or-treat trail, where they show Charlie Brown on repeat at the local theatre. Then, we’ll go to our friends’ annual party before more trick-or-treating (assuming the rain holds off). Aron and I are coordinating our costumes, but the kids are on their own this year! I’ll share some photos tomorrow.

What will you be doing? 

Here’s some last-minute inspiration if you’re looking… 

Starting with those amazing looking pumpkin fritters with caramel sauce, pictured at top.

Also for sweet tooths: the easiest, most-indulgent pumpkin dessert.

Orange sherbet pumpkins. (Easier than carving an actual pumpkin.)

Sidenote: candy may be misunderstood.

But, for something healthier, sweet potato chips that look like pumpkins!

How to make slimey, spacey goo at home. A good activity for the afternoon.

Costumes for babies, costumes for kids, and costumes for the whole family.

Easiest last minute party decor with balloons: pumpkins and ghosts.

Activities beyond the pumpkin patch.

The best Halloween movies on Netflix.

And the stay-dry version of apple bobbing for a easy-to-set-up activity.

P.S. Our costumes last year, the year before, and a few before that.

[Photo of Pumpkin Fritters (pampoen koekies) with caramel sauce by Alida Ryder at Simply Delicious]

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