Cinco de Mayo (& Friday Links)

This weekend should be a nice one! We’re meeting friends at our local brewery for some drinks tonight, going on a chicken coop tour, and having a fiesta at Hudson’s school. Anything good coming up on your datebook?

Here are some last minute ideas if you’d like to toast to Cinco de Mayo tonight:

Sangrita (to sip alongside tequilla)
Perfect grapefruit margaritas 
How to make micheladas (a great alternative to margaritas).

And while we’re on the subject, a very pretty self-serve taco bar.

That said, the news has been awfully sobering lately. Here are some links, starting with what’s weighing most on my mind and finishing up with some lighter fare…

When will it stop? Will anything be changed after the senseless shooting of Jordan Edwards? This story is so heartbreaking—and maddening.

Why couldn’t that civil war just been worked out? (More history lessons for the president.)

Warning: you might ugly cry watching Jimmy Kimmel (if you haven’t already seen it).

What a nice idea! A lovely book about pregnancy to read with your kids! (via Babyccino)

Also, talking to young girls about sex.

Unfortunately, it might include explaining to them that being a woman is a pre-existing health condition that many lawmakers (these guys) believe disqualifies them from healthcare. “Sorry, honey.”

The words we use to describe friendships.

“I’ve fought and I’ve won, I’ve fought and I’ve lost. And sure, I’d rather win. But more than anything else, I’d rather fight for what I believe in.”

Emily Henderson’s sage advice for partners on treating moms on Mother’s Day: “plan ahead.”

Also from her site, I thought this was one of the most amazing kitchen remodels I’ve ever seen on one of those awkward walk-in spaces all rentals seem to have!

We need these to be produced in the U.S., right?

I really love this Glossier skin tint (so light), so I’m going to see if the Cloud Paint is also worth the hype. (At checkout they gave me a 20% off first Glossier purchase coupon to share.)

If I still worked in an office, I’d be all about this phone.

Unless, maybe, I worked in this office. A peek into the Goop Santa Monica HQ is a fun treat.

I’m thinking we might need to try one of these mats this summer for the park. (Otherwise, a painter’s cloth is my go-to picnic blanket.)

Brunch recipes to transport us all the New York City.

Also, a journalist’s $90/week NYC food budget.

If your kids need help making a Mother’s Day card, Paper Source has a free event from 11-4 this Saturday at all locations for them to come in and make their own.

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