A late-season snow storm (& Friday Links)



Last weekend we drove up to Tahoe as the snow accumulated around us. It was a nice surprise: first, we are grateful for any additions to the snow mass in California, and second, we got to wake up to fresh powder—which I haven’t had the pleasure of doing many times in my life. I’ve posted some photos below.

Now, after a rough week with both kids getting sick, we’re on the mend and headed back up. I imagine it will look completely different. (Here’s a visit we took one year in May.)

What are your plans this weekend?

If you’re online, some links of note…

Still thinking about Prince. I can’t get over the breadth of his work (even songs like “Nothing Compares 2 U“), and I was inspired by the many ways he challenged identity politics and pushed boundaries.

I once read an article that talked persuasively about why we should all tell the truth about how our family obligations impact our work schedule and normalize it. (“I have to leave early for my son’s play,” for example. Not “I have a doctor’s appointment.”) I thought of that when I saw that this brand is taking a hiatus after the founder welcomed twins—and I thought it was refreshing.

Aron sent me this commercial to watch. Organic Valley’s marketing department would win my vote in a SuperBowl contest. So good.

Loved Gabby’s post about removing the stigma around talking about periods.

Would you take a month off social media? What would you anticipate it would change?

These 10 ways “to help kids fall in love with being outside” might be good tips at any age.

The lack of an average 29-year-old.

Did you know that nearly 47% of Americans would have trouble coming up with $400 in an emergency? I heard the author discuss this interesting article on NPR’s Marketplace.

Apparently, April 30th is Email Debt Forgiveness Day. (Here’s a written explanation in The New Yorker.)

Finally, despite all of the election coverage this year, it’s likely that voter turnout will be a problem because the U.S. has one of the lowest rates among developed countries. (It was only 37% in 2014! That’s so low! Sigh.) Are you registered?

Have a good weekend!

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