Scaffold-conspiracy theories and public art

The scaffolding situation in New York always baffles (and frustrates) me: “Are they really still working on that building?” and “Didn’t they finish water-blasting last summer?” It seriously has to be a racket. So I was particularly happy when, this past September, we stumbled upon this installation–orange construction mesh used to depict a street scene. I left thinking it would so nice if more scaffolds were repurposed, like this one.
Turns out, I wasn’t the only one with that idea: New York Magazine just reported that the scaffolding along 23rd street, near Ninth avenue will be canvased in nearly 2,000 feet of artwork. The ArtBridge project, “In Plain Sight,” will feature 25 emerging artists and will be revealed tomorrow.
The installation will stay up for at least a year–which I’m guessing is the bare minimum of amount time that any of the city’s scaffolding is up.
(“I Am Here” by Harumi Ori, spotted in the East Village during the FAB block party)

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