Andrew Bird, on repeat


There’s a cliché about girls that they’re prone to listening to one artist or one album (or watching one romantic comedy) over and over until the (now mostly proverbial) tape wears thin. I love to break stereotypes, but… guilty as charged. My friend Jesse used to mock me ruthlessly, probably deservedly, for my Tori Amos addiction as a freshman in college, for example. And the Aimee Mann-dominated Magnolia soundtrack? On constant repeat for at least a month after it came out.

Over the years, I’ve become less prone to episodes of slavish fandom, but I have yet to grow tired of any of my favorite Andrew Bird albums. He’s easily been my favorite musician for the better part of the past five years.

We had to give up our tickets to see him when he came through Davis in November (we ended up taking a very nice vacation that week, so no regrets), so we’re headed into San Francisco tonight to see him perform at a unique venue, Congregation Sherith Israel. I believe it will be more focused on his instrumental violin playing that the more vocally driven tracks I love, so it should be an interesting show. I loved this recent Opinionator piece he wrote for the NYT on the process of writing a song (and there are some audio samples, if you’re interested). I also love how he looks like a character in a Wes Anderson movie—with his skinny, lanky suits. I just learned that his wife makes a lot of his clothes and has a boutique in New York

Aron and I have a couple of non-wedding anniversaries we always mark in December—we’ve been together 13 years this month, and it was eight years ago that he proposed and that we decided on a life together—so I think we’ll use the occasion to celebrate!

P.S. How we celebrated last year. And the last time we saw Mr. Bird, on our first ever night away from Hudson, in Tarrytown.

[Image of Andrew Bird via FanArt]

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