Pushing the pancake limits

The pancakes at Fatty ‘Cue barely qualify as breakfast, but they sure are delicious!
A month or so ago (when it was shockingly hot out, which I can’t believe was only just recently), Aron and I shared an absolutely wonderful smoked-brisket sandwich in the dining room of Fatty ‘Cue, an offshoot of one of our favorite spots–Fatty Crab*–that sits under the Williamsburg bridge. Then we pretty much devoured the South East Asian-inspired pineapple-coconut-dessert masquerading as pancakes over some very tasty cocktails. These might stray a bit off the traditional mark as far as pancake taste-tests go, but they were awfully good. (Just look how excited Aron is!)
*Seriously: Fatty Crab’s pickled watermelon and crispy pork belly salad just may be my favorite dish in the city. (Depending on what time of day you ask me, of course.)

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