Danger Zone

When my family was in town last month, we tried to take my nephews around to some places that kids might enjoy. We figured we should finally tour the USS Intrepid–for the kids, of course. Never mind the fact that Ashley and I have walked by the giant aircraft carrier dozens of times these past few years thinking it would be nice to have an excuse to spring for the ticket. We hopped in a taxi (exciting in itself) and were off. 
The museum visit started with a tour of a missile submarine, the USS Growler. While my nephew was excited about going underwater (we explained that we would be walking below the water line), I think he was actually hoping to see some fish–or maybe some mermaids?–like he did at Disneyland.
Ashley and I found the cold-war memorabilia fascinating. There was one particular graphic that I think may have been illustrated a bit differently today. 
I personally loved seeing the SR 71 Blackbird. I grew up being fascinated with them, and thinking I wanted to be a pilot. My 6’8″ frame (among other things) made that out of the question, but seeing this most amazing plane was incredible. And the views from atop the flight deck weren’t bad either. 

I think my nephews enjoyed the tour–running down the flight deck was definitely a highlight. The funny thing was, they were equally impressed with the huge kitchen aid as with the fighter planes–which might be for the best. (Or maybe the youngest was just imaging all the treats he could eat if Grandma used the big one instead of the little one?) The opportunity to jump on some sailors’ bunks was also met with equivalent enthusiasm.
Have a nice weekend!
(P.S. So happy to see my book on Josyln’s gift guide!)

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