Ubbas Bath Cups (and a Giveaway!)

A little while ago, Rob Spalding, the designer of these sweet bath toys called UBBAS Bath Cups, sent us a little Bruhn family set: a Mama, a Papa, and a Brother. (To-be!) And we have been playing with them ever since.

They immediately made me giggle—each one pees! With a specifically placed spout, mamas and sisters pee sitting down, and papas and brothers pee standing up. Knowing that most conversations about our bodies and all our parts happen at bathtime, I love both the frankness and the odd humor of these soft, squishy little cups. (I must confess, however, that frank conversation doesn’t need too much help in our home—having a urologist for a dad means Hudson gets all the real words for his sweet little parts.)

But I also love that each is sold separately, so that every family can be unique. Supporting diverse family structures, and with an eye toward inclusiveness, Rob designed these to be combined as you see fit, whether that means two mamas, two papas, or one of each with a grandparent who lives at home.


UBBAS cups are sold here, and 20% of all proceeds are donated to the Family Equality Council.

However, UBBAS is giving away a custom family set to one lucky Hither & Thither reader (and donating the entire retail value)! Just leave a comment with a favorite bathtime memory, below or on twitter with the tags #ubbasfamily @ashleymuirbruhn, to win! The contest will be open through Friday the 6th, 5pm PST, with a winner notified early the following week.

As for me, I wish I remembered more about my own baths growing up—I mostly recall that dad always made the water too hot, while mom got it just right. All of my favorite memories now involve this fellow—from that first bath where you would have thought we were torturing him to those following months of holding his slippery little body in the shallow water with me, and all the times since. But even though I don’t remember it, this photo of me getting my first bath always makes me laugh…

No wonder I’m crying! Look at that brush!

This is not a sponsored post, though we were gifted our set; I just love finding good design with a great message.

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