Local Eats: Sol Puerto Rican Cuisine

I’ve been meaning to post about this super-colorful restaurant for a while now (as you can possibly guess by how old Hudson looks in the photo below). Ever since my friend Emarie took me, any time we’re anywhere nearby, I try to justify a detour to eat Puerto Rican food at Sol in San Rafael. Comfort food from the Caribbean might be one way to describe the menu. Tostones and maduros (savory and sweet plantains), pressed bistec and Cubano sandwiches, chicken and pink beans,  and pan-fried pork chops are on offer alongside big glasses of limonada fresca and mango-orange iced tea, and bins of coconut and sweet molasses sodas. All I know is that I want to go in a big group next time so that I can sample more of the menu.

There’s almost always a line at the restaurant (where you order, cafeteria-style, at the counter), so it’s helpful to know you can get everything to-go next door.

Sol Food Puerto Rican Cuisine
San Rafael, CA

P.S. Some posts on visiting Puerto Rico: a true find in Old San Juan, seeing Old San Juan in a day or two, and enjoying San Juan and El Yunque National Forest after a Caribbean cruise.

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