Leek & Mushroom Tart with Salt-and-Pepper crust

I’m excited to share that I contributed to Manhattan magazine’s December issue! You’ll find one of Aron and my favorite recipes–leeks and mushrooms and Gruyere, in a salt-and-pepper pastry crust–on page 126. (Check it out in their digital edition, here.) Buy high-quality, aged cheese, and you’ll love it! One year, we made an extra crust and Aron filled it with cherries and almonds for dessert. The pepper added something special to the sweet. Just another reason you should try making this.

A few links I’ve had starred for a while in my reader, and wanted to share:
A handmade holiday market
I want this mix tape
A reason to buy Ritz Crackers this week
These Finnish textiles are lovely
Chocolat Chaud (I wish all hot cocoa came like this)
A beautiful topographical map
Mossiere necklaces
I love dressing Hudson in stars. He’d look very handsome in this onesie.
Such a nice roundup of childrens’ books for under the tree
I’d like the arrow tea towel from our newest sponsor’s site
Have you seen these sweet holiday wreaths?
It was so nice reading about what everyone is thankful for last week. It helped me remember to be thankful, too.

Have a great weekend!
And congratulations to Courtney who is the second winner of a Pinhole Press gift certificate!

[Top two images by Aron; Magazine page courtesy of Manhattan magazine/photos by Evan Sung]

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