Oh, Christmas tree

We took the long, long walk down to the corner to pick out our beautiful little Christmas tree. In New York City, come the day after Thanksgiving, there are small Christmas tree lots on nearly every block. We had debated getting a table-top sized one this year, because the stroller now resides in the spot where a tree usually goes; but somehow we made space.

Time has been flying by these past four months and I can’t believe the holidays are here. Has Thanksgiving really come and gone? I don’t think I would have believed it without the tree. I feel like it hit us both, all of the sudden, that we are getting to celebrate our very first Christmas with our little boy when we bundled him up to pick out the little tree.

We poured egg nog, played Christmas music, ate peppermint Joe’s Joes, and watched his eyes light up with the strings of lights. In a sense, Christmas has already come.


[Okay, enough cheese. Awesome gift guide for guys, by Aron, coming very soon.]

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