Tidying Up (& Friday Links)


Were you one of the millions to get swept up in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing? Marie Kondo is back with a more detailed look at her process in a new book called Spark Joy—and it’s illustrated. I remember loving her advice, even as I was reading vicariously: “Cherish who you are now” is the approach to take when you have trouble letting go of past possessions, for example.

I think about her advice a lot—or at least I do when I have the time to properly devote to cleaning.  It’s valuable to be reminded from time to time how little one needs. My friend Erin wrote a beautiful book on simplifying your home. (We first met when she invited us to bring infant Hudson to the Stone Barns Harvest Fest, in New York.) She too has wonderful advice for living with less.

And while both make me want to start a purging session this weekend, we have some exciting plans: we’re headed to Vail! It will be my first visit. Aron has a conference and Hudson, Skyler, and I are tagging along. If you have suggestions—including advice regarding the kids (aged 1 and 4) and the ski resort—I’d love to hear them!

In the meantime, some other things of note… 

Following on the heels of that whole routine discussion this week: Research referenced in the Harvard Business Review suggests that there really are genetic predispositions toward “morningness” or “eveningness.” It also suggests that Morning People are often associated with being “agreeable, optimistic, proactive, and stable” while Evening People are associated with being “creative, intelligent, neurotic, and humorous.” And to very loosely paraphrase: The former are often more successful in the workplace, the latter keep us entertained. What do you think?

Related: Getting more sleep may be the key to meeting all your resolutions.

The phrase “bikini body” is hereby banished from the covers of Women’s Health magazine.

And is The Biggest Losereverything that’s wrong with weight loss in America”?

I just learned that HBO was taking Sesame Street over from PBS. (The deal was made this summer.)

“May I use the copier? I have to make copies.” The science of giving a reason to get a small favor (even if it sounds ridiculous).

Who controls your Facebook feed (and how).

Have you been watching the new Daily Show? This clip reminded a lot of us.

Hudson’s favorite song right now. We’re hitting a lot of bad high notes around here.

We’re getting some rain! The rain boots I wanted from the gift guide sold out, but I just ordered these in matte. And I’m contemplating this for keeping in the car.

And I’m usually pretty loyal to Madewell and AG for denim, but Erin (of above book mention) swears by these jeans. Hmmm…


Have a great weekend!

P.S. Using baskets to clean house. And some distilled tips from Marie Kondo’s first book and bestseller.

[Graphics from Spark Joy]

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