Weather report makes good

The promise was kept this time! Our wish for a true snow-storm was granted: 11 inches in the city (up to 26 in surrounding areas) on Saturday night!
In an odd twist, Saturday was one of the few nights of the entire year that we really got dressed up–i.e. I wore my highest heels. It was the night of the Urology department’s annual holiday party. It was a hard night to be wearing heels as it was a hard night to catch a taxi, but it was an absolute necessity. Note to self: bring the heels in a bag next time there’s a major storm warning issued. The chairman was concerned that no one would come to the party in light of the storm, but that was not the case. It was a great night–just as it has been the past few years. Watching the snow fly, framed by a big picture-window that was bedecked with a Christmas wreath (while we warmed ourselves with brandy and dancing) was a particular highlight.
When we returned home (and after Aron carried me across the snow banks blocking our way), Aron got called into the hospital and had to venture back out for the walk to Bellevue.

The next morning was as quiet as any Sunday I can recall. And with the sun out, the city looked beautiful. We went merrily on our way, cold feet and all, down to this month’s New Amsterdam market.

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