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Happy December! We’ve started the countdown to Christmas—today in the Advent calendar the kids found “open up the holiday books box” (which we hide away for the rest of the year). I need to add some new titles to ours, I think. Here’s an old post about my favorite holiday books. Do you have some I’ve missed that I should consider? That link to “advent calendar” is also a post I like to revisit, for holiday activity inspiration.

On the first day, we decorated the tree and it seemed to go in record time with the kids helping so much. Ever since, they’ve fawned over it and said how much they love it. Skyler, this morning, claimed to want to marry it. I’d say it went well.

Tonight we’re looking forward to a night out with friends: a group of us are going to ride a “brew bike” around a neighborhood in Sacramento that’s known for its light displays. Actually, it’s where the Lady Bird house is. I got my booster yesterday and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling great, so I’m all set to head out and take in the scene.

And yet all the while, I feel compelled to mention, the news feels pretty glum: the other morning was spent listening to the Supreme court hear arguments in the Mississippi case, which will likely end up weakening or even overturning Roe v. Wade. “Depending on the ruling, legal abortion access could effectively end for those living in much of the American South and Midwest, especially those who are poor, according to an analysis updated this week.” “Justice Sotomayor asked whether the court would ‘survive the stench’ of being considered a political institution, a point echoed by Justice Kagan.”

It has been a grim reminder that in his single term, Donald Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices, transforming it for decades to come.

Here are some other, much more fun, links of note…

Yikes! I haven’t seen a single one of Richard Brody’s picks for best movies of 2021.

Gorgeous cakes!

Have you watched any of the Beatles footage? This incredible clip has me looking forward to it.

This reindeer is delightful!

One day… A folding kayak.

Love this knitted wrap dress.

That dog really does look like William H. Macy!!! 

Also spotted on I love the idea of giving someone a homemade Die Hard Christams ornament.

Can’t wait to try a New York Sour.

Combines my favorite salad ingredients.

A friend and I were talking best gadget-y gifts and our Couravin is my favorite, most-used wine item. They used to be really pricey, though, so this deal at Nordstrom is pretty awesome!

Adding more items to my wish list in the Shop section today. (And here are some of my favorite gifts of all time.)

From now until December 31st, Planned Parenthood donations are being doubled (up to $500,000!) by a generous donor. Donate here.

[Photo via Society of Wanderers]


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