More scenes from the weekend (and a Friday link list)

Just a few more photos from our weekend in Southern California…


We stayed in Long Beach, where I grew up, so I took my fellas out for pancakes at a spot I used to go in high school when I was on the crew team.

On Saturday afternoon, we drove into Los Angeles and, after a detour at the Grove and the old Farmer’s market, met friends in Venice Beach. They took us to a cool restaurant called Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on Abbot Kinney while our boys stayed with a babysitter.


On Monday, after our big trip to Disneyland, we took it easy: we went for breakfast in Seal Beach and watched the surfers from the pier. Hudson has rekindled his romance with the swings. Move over slide.

The flight from Sacramento to Long Beach couldn’t be much easier, especially now that LB has a nice, new terminal. We used to make the flight from JFK and I really recommend Long Beach as an alternative to LAX. It’s just one small terminal, so it’s not ideal for long layovers, but it’s perfect for a simple landing.

Thank you for all of your wonderful travel questions! I’m going to be doing some side-work travel blogging (I’ll share more about that soon), so I really appreciate your help with inspiration. And, again, please don’t hesitate to toss out ideas for features of any sort that you’d like to see more of around here! I’d love to hear them anytime!

Here are a few things that have caught my attention lately:

The perfect shade (and length) of red nails on French Voguettes. Remember my hunt?

Grown-up backpacks

Do you hide or embrace your television? (We struggle with this.) Five elegant fixes to displaying a flat-screen.

Holy cow, this birthday cake is insane. How much would your five-year old love you?

I’m not at all over the trend toward Constellation-themed objects. 

This customized birth print would make a nice gift for a new parent.

Happy Housekeeping secrets. And of course I still love Jenny’s solution to conquering the chore list.  (Speaking of cleaning, need a discount on Method products?)

Did you read Bringing Up Bébé? What did you think? Will you read the new follow-up? 

I can’t wait for Joslyn’s next progress report. This one was really inspiring.

This Mapmaking skill-share class (for designers and non-designers alike) would be awesome to take.

It’s nice to be reminded to help Hudson to do something by himself. He loves being given tasks.

And jawdropping pink lakes.  

Have a wonderful weekend! Will you watch the Oscars?

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