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Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending out virtual hugs to all of you today! I feel lucky to feel like I’ve gotten to widen my friend circle with this blog over the years—I tell everyone how the internet has been a really warm and welcoming place in the comment section of this site (and how shocking it is to read the comments, by contrast, in much wider-reaching forums—yikes!), so thank you!

I’m going to post some links that have caught my attention this week and then hurry off to try to make the school pickup special for the kids. Anything fun planned this evening? Hope it’s a good one. And to those of you who get Monday off, cheers to the long weekend!

If you’re a rom-com fan (though this one was also a tear-jearker), P.S. I Love You is Getting a Sequel.

Speaking of movies, who is excited to see Wes Anderson’s next creation? I love that it’s all about publishing!

I’m listening to Giovanni’s Room for a bookclub right now—James Baldwin’s writing is so beautiful.

Also on my audio book queue: Dear Girls.

And one more in book news: Catherine Newman is the best, so I’m definitely getting this guide.

I picked up some feta last night with this in mind.

If you need a pick-me-up, this dog video is my suggestion for this week.

In tabs I can’t seem to close: this Alex Mill Jumpsuit 

These blush photos! I’ll have what she’s having! (Which, apparently, is liquid blush in #53/Fuschia)

I’d have to wear over foot-high shoes to keep up with Aron.

All the world’s a stage. Are you following this account? So funny.

Scared yet? 

And if so, how are you dealing with it? Here’s one perspective I’m on board with. (via Kottke)

P.S. Do you know your state election registration deadlines? Are you ready to vote?

What links have you found share-worthy lately? 

[Ice Bucket by Eden Passante for Sugar and Charm]


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