Cafe Colette

This past weekend was bitterly cold, but were were excited to get out of the apartment together–and despite the low temperature, it was still sunny and beautiful. While we normally enjoy walking, we instead took the L traIn to Williamsburg. I still get excited over the fact that,with only one subway stop we can find ourselves in a whole new neighborhood, a whole new borough. This route saved Hudson from making the old man “I don’t like the cold” groan. We decided to try Cafe Colette on Berry, a short walk from the Bedford stop, which Ashley had spotted on a walk earlier in the season. Years back we had seen the space in its previous incarnation as “Silent H.”

When we arrived, we were amongst the first to sit down, but soon the place filled up comfortably. The aesthetics of the restaurant seemed to say diner-reinvented and we loved sitting in the sunlight streaming in through the big windows on such a wintry morning. I noticed there’s an enclosed back patio which looked pretty lovely as well. The menu held lots of appeal, and I kind of wished that we could have had both brunch and lunch there. But we settled on splitting the poached eggs and the extremely decadent french toast–served in a cast iron skillet with mounds of whipped cream. I couldn’t resist the seasonal, spiced-fig scone (delicious if not obviously scone-like); Hudson was very jealously eying it each time I took a bite. This place definitely goes onto our mental “will return to soon” list (especially since they open at 10am).

Speaking of which, does anyone have suggestions for brunch spots in the city that open early-ish on weekends?

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