Summer Cocktail: Frozen Negroni Slushy

A Negroni has long been my drink of choice—a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet, and served with the faintest aroma of vacations gone by.

So the other day, when Aron suggested we find a Rosé Frozé alternative for a Fourth of July pool party, we both were excited to see if the Negroni could be slushified. A Negrozi? The answer is yes!

A classic Negroni is equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet Vermouth—stirred, not shaken, and served with an orange-peel garnish. But even while you could just toss one into a blender with ice to make an adult-slushy, we found that adding some juice kept the flavor from being too diluted while still lightening up the alcohol profile a bit.

You can pre-make it in batches overnight—the alcohol doesn’t freeze, so it gets slushy on its own in the freezer! Here’s how we made it…

Negrozi (Frozen Negroni Slushy)
1 part gin
2 parts Campari
2 parts vermouth
3 parts red grapefruit juice
orange zest to taste
orange peel for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a large zip top bag. Freeze bag for about 8 hours, or until slushy consistency. Alternatively, you could freeze the grapefruit juice and then blend in a blender for a smoother consistency.


P.S. More variations on the classic Negroni, like the Sbagliato, Americano, or Boulevardier. And more cocktail recipes.

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