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apple hasselback pie

I think we finally had our last of the 90-degree days in Davis (knock on wood)! The evening was cool enough for sweaters and closed-toe-shoes last night, and it might even be cool enough this weekend to consider a trip to a pumpkin patch. Because it’s always 10-degrees hotter in the sun at a pumpkin patch, right? If fall things like apple orchards and halloween decoration on our you list for the weekend, here’s an old favorite: a recipe for Honey Graham Hasselback Apples. Do you have any favorite recipes you pull out this time of year?

Have a great one! Some links and likes… 


Thoughts on why the Tik Tok algorithm might seem better than the rest at really getting you.

Our book club is reading this for November.

Aron and I are loving Only Murders in the Building so far. The characters are delicious.

I’ve been enjoying Tig and Cheryl’s dynamic on True Story. They especially make me laugh every time they don’t know something that they could easily Google and instead say “there’s no way to know.” Ha!

I’m always trying to be more up on meal-planning. Here are some great tips.

I can’t say I was that interested in the Met Gala, but I loved seeing Lupita Nyongo get ready. She looked amazing!

I haven’t been to a movie since the pandemic started. Maybe Bond would be a good return?

This kitchen is so unique and lovely!

Speaking of kitchens, love this wood-paneled round-up.

Aron and I both got a good laugh from this.

Love a good chore jacket!

Looks like vintage denim. (I’m forever on the hunt…)

A a celebration of more than 200 women product designers.

The Marcello Velho collection at Anthro is great! I especially like this rug and these pjs.

If you’re looking for Halloween costume inspiration, I have a ton of great round-ups in the archives. Check here!

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