Getting ahead of the holidays


Ready or not, the holidays are just around the corner. This year—Skyler’s first—everything seems to be happening faster.

Every year I say I’m going to get ahead—on holiday wish lists, plans, cards, and the like. This year, it’s going to happen! I really want to savor this season with our two little ones.

First step: holiday cards. We went with Minted last year, and we loved how they turned out—so it was an easy choice to go with one of their designs again. (And they’re sharing a discount with readers. See below if you’d like to do so as well.)



There’s a lot of new stuff on Minted this year: beautiful foil-pressed cards, customizable wrapping paper, for example, but the new envelope designs are what I’m most excited about.

Especially because—and this is truly key—they will pre-address your envelopes for you, for free. Once you set up your recipient list in their system, it’s there for you to use over and over.

That job—the job of making addresses on the cards look nice—always fell to me. This is such an enormous time saver.


By the way, now that we have children, I really like to send out photo cards—and I love it when our friends and family do, too. Hudson loves looking through them and it’s a nice way for me to talk to him about loved ones whom we don’t get often.

At first I was cutting out faces and putting them in a little album for him to keep. But my friend showed me a really simple trick: punch a hole in the corner of each card (after you’re done displaying them) and slip them onto a binder ring!


Add your card, and a note of the year, to the top of the stack! I’m looking forward to checking the mailbox throughout December and seeing how everyone has changed.


Minted is offering Hither & Thither readers 15% off all holiday cards with code HITHER15 through 11/12. Queue up the address list! 

This post is a partnership with Minted. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the site’s sponsors!

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