Crowdsourcing: Planning for Mexico (& Friday Links)

With just over a month until our school spring break, we’re turning our attention to finalizing our travel plans: we’re going to fly to the Yucatan, starting our stay on Isla Holbox—a small island off the Gulf coast—before heading south to the resort area of Mayakoba to check into the Fairmont. In between, we’ll spend one night in Tulum, primarily as a base from which to visit the Mayan ruins at Coba.

It’s been a long time since Aron and I last spent time in the Yucatan, with its gorgeous cities, cenotes, and coastline, so I’m excited to return! Plus, Hudson’s Spanish is really getting strong and I’m eager to see him try it out. We sort of began with plans to make this spring trip an easy, all-inclusive-style vacation (after the more intense planning required for our multi-stop New Mexico road trip), but the explorers in us couldn’t go without some movement. We chose the final four nights in Mayakoba as it will involve options like a kids club and on-site restaurants, so we can get a taste of it.

Otherwise, we have our accommodations booked, and now I’m looking at experiences.

Have you visited Isla Holbox? Or explored around Coba, Tulum, or Mayakoba? Any must-do tips? 

And in the meantime, some links of note…

These photos are from a gorgeous hotel on Isla Holbox called Punta Caliza that we won’t be staying at (alas, not ideal for kids), but which looks pretty dreamy. A shallow triangular pool is surrounded by several thatched-roofed huts that contain the guest rooms, each with their own private plunge pool that connects to the main one so you can swim right up to your room.

I’m not sure if we will make it to Hartwood for dinner, but I’d love to still try some of the dishes one day. Has anyone cooked from the Hartwood cookbook?

Handmade Caftans for warmer climes.

1200 children have been killed by guns in America this past year, and only 15% of those deaths are attributable to school shootings.

Remembering Lee Radziwell

On an a breakup: “CONGRATS is just to remind you that you did the right thing and good things will come because of it. No condolences needed.”

Amy Sedaris’s apartment tour made me smile.

Church choir of one 

A sweet find for your cat-lover.

What would you do with this piece of Real Estate (for a cool $35mil)?

Dickies, yes or no? (For the record, I love all the layering happening here.)

The new selection of one-of-a-kind Urban Renewal Moroccan rugs at Urban Outfitters is so good! I want them all.

Can’t wait to see Jenni Kayne’s new book.

Speaking of whom, remember this great Lake Tahoe home tour in Domino Magazine?

Ah, man… bummer! (And just after I wrote about warming up to it!)

Reality Bites is 25 years old! Eek. My Sharona!

Serial fans: There’s an Adnan Syed doc coming out.

Finally, will you be watching the Oscars? Everything to know.

Thanks in advance for any Mexico tips!


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