Autumn at the shore: Mollusk Surf Shop

A bit of a local institution, Mollusk Surf Shop was started by a husband and wife team in San Francisco, motivated by a love of waves and art.

Whenever we can find our way over to the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, I make a point to stop in. I’m am always keen to see what new t-shirt designs they’re carrying, how this bathingsuit or that pair of pants will fit. They’ve become staples in my closet: casual, comfortable, and well-cut.

I picked up a couple of items from the new line and got a chance to look at this season’s photographs by Will Adler. As usual, they manage to capture that most special kind of natural beauty—salty hair, sun-kissed skin, and all. It just feels like California.

Everything is designed in San Francisco and crafted in Oakland or Los Angeles. And despite their growing success, with stores in Venice and Silverlake as well now, they remain a small company with a focused aesthetic.

Hydra Tee | Olas Pullover || Top two images: Cove Cardigan | Hirakie Shirt

Their tees are my favorite. I love the narrower fits, but lately have been living in the boxier Bexley.

Tie Dye Crew | Stella Crew

I feel like I get questions about this tank every time I wear it. I have it in multiple prints and love the ’60-ish cut.

Benetau tee | Laleh Pants

I’m a big fan of their one-piece bathingsuits—like the Saladita and the Esalen. (I wore one all over Oahu this summer.) But Mollusk bathingsuits are made for surfers, so I’d trust their bikinis to look sexy while still staying put.

Norma Jean Shorts | Left Point Bikini

This new dress is on my wishlist for cooler evenings.

Hemp Unity Dress 

Comfy like sweatpants, but so much more flattering.

Beach Pants | Constellations Tee

Their menswear line is full of good stuff, too. Aron wishes they had a Tall option for his 6’8″ frame.

The speckled Cambridge sweater reminds me of one I used to borrow from my dad. I’d wear it over peg-legged jeans with penny loafers. Now I wish he still had it! I love the oatmeal color.

Quilted Barn Jacket | Fall Deck Jacket | Cambridge Sweater 

I could step into this: the warm light of an autumn day, the sound and smell of the sea, and a cozy sweater.

Stripe Fisherman Sweater | Yacht Jacket

P.S. A guide to visiting the Outer Sunset in San Francisco (where the brand started), and another visit to the neighborhood last month for my birthday.

This post is in partnership with Mollusk but all opinions are my own. All photos by Will Adler for Mollusk. 

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